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Designer and oriental carpets - Vidal Outlet in Zurich
Designer and oriental carpets - Vidal Outlet in Zurich



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Vidal Outlet

For almost 100 years, the Swiss carpet store Vidal has been impressing customers not only with fine antique carpets, but also with detailed and handmade modern and classic designs from the Orient. Creativity, passion, craftsmanship and quality are characteristic for the Vidal brand and guarantee that carpets from Vidal are a handmade product with a long and exciting history.

In our modern outlet at Pelikanplatz in Zurich, we have created the unique opportunity to offer you modern and classic Vidal carpets in all colors and sizes, at unbeatable prices.
The Vidal Outlet products are sold at strongly reduced prices from -30% to -70% compared to the recommended retail price.
Our Vidal team looks forward to your visit or call and will be happy to serve you professionally as usual.

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Vidal Teppichgallerie AG

Vidal Teppichgalerie at Paradeplatz

The location on Talacker 16, 8001 Zürich, where we offer the absolute top Carpets that any enthusiast would love. Individually selected, the Carpets are absolute masterpieces. If you are looking for a carpet with Silk or where the age tells a story here is the place to visit.

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